Inspection & Services Disclosure

Weichert, Realtors - Triangle Homes recommends all prospective purchasers obtain the services of professionals or licensed contractors to perform applicable inspections in connection with purchasing a home.  It is important that you be aware of and consider certain conditions or issues that may or may not affect the property you wish to purchase, before the expiration of your Due Diligence Date.  It has been our experience that although simply the existence of one or more of these issues is not necessarily negative, buyers want to be informed so they can give these issues further consideration or choose to have further investigations or inspections.  Please indicate you have read and discussed each item with your Realtor by initialing the corresponding line.


  • Homeowner's Insurance - Obtaining property insurance has changed tremendously with the increased use of internet technology.  Most insurance companies require outside reports ordered prior to authorizing coverage.  These reports verify both the applicant's and the property's eligibility, and are commonly know as Insurance Credit Scores and Property CLUE reports.  An insurance company looks at both the individual's (buyer's prior residence owned or rented) claims history and the prospective property's claims history.  We strongly recommend prospective buyers contact their insurance agent prior to the expiration of your Due Diligence Date to check the insurability of a particular property.  You may order a CLUE and Home Insurance Score & Credit Report for a fee.  Web site:  More insurance information:


Property Specific Items   


  • Home Inspection ? We strongly recommend prospective buyers obtain the services of a professional home inspector before the expiration of your Due Diligence Date.


  • Synthetic Stucco ? EIFS, Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems. The possibility of moisture damage to exterior as well as structural members exists. An inspection of the exterior and interior by a qualified inspector is strongly recommended. There is a class action stucco suit pending.  Web site information:


  • Radon ? Current EPA guidelines reflect an acceptable level as 4.0 pico curies per liter of air.  Radon is present in several areas of our market. A test by a qualified radon inspection company is recommended. One source is Radon Testing Labs - 919-876-1876 or


  • Lead Paint ? Many homes built before 1978 may have paint that contains lead. Some mini blinds also contain lead paint. If you make an offer on a house built prior to 1978 a ?Lead-Based Paint or Lead-Based Paint Hazard Addendum? (NCAR form 2-A-9) will be attached to your offer. You will also be provided with the EPA pamphlet ?Protect Your Family From Lead in Your House.?    Information can be obtained at the National Lead Information Center: 1-800-424-5323.  Web site information on lead based paint in North Carolina may be found at:


  • Asbestos ? May be found in older homes. Should asbestos become air borne it could be hazardous to your health. For web site information on asbestos in North Carolina go to:


  • USTS ? Underground Fuel Storage Tanks ? If an underground storage tank exists and it is no longer being used, it is recommended an inspection be done to be sure it complies with state and federal regulations regarding hazardous waste. For web site information on the North Carolina residential clean up fund and other details go to:   Toll free number: 800-424-9346.


  • Polybutelyne Piping - Common in homes in our area. Simply the existence of PBP is not   necessarily a problem. Some homeowners have experienced problems with leaking and the failure of connections or certain types of fittings. There was a class action suit.  The last date for an eligible leak was July 2005.  Claims had to be filed within one year; thus, the last filing date for these types of leaks was July 2006.  It is strongly recommended you have your inspector check for the existence of Polybutelyne piping and any potentially related existing or past problems.  For information contact Consumer Plumbing Recovery Center, 1-800-356-3496 or


  • Private Roads/Road Maintenance Agreements ? We recommend you inquire about the existence of private roads and any related road maintenance agreements and/or expenses.



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  • Siding ? Many homes in our area may be finished with one of the siding materials listed below.  Class action lawsuits have been filed due to problems related to one or more of these products.  We strongly recommend a qualified inspector examine any siding materials to determine the product and existing or potential problems.

                                        Louisiana Pacific ? 800-245-2722 or

                                        Georgia Pacific ? 404-652-4000 or (Enter ?claims? in the search bar)

                                        Masonite Omni Wood ? 800-256-6990 or

                                        Masonite Hardboard ? 800-330-2772 or



  • Well/Private Water Systems ? We recommend prospective buyers have an inspection and water testing done by a private lab or the County Health Department. EPA Safe Drinking Water Hotline ? 800-426-4791 or


  • Septic System ? We recommend buyers have an inspection of septic tanks and related systems in connection with purchasing a home. Vacant properties may require special consideration. If you are purchasing a home with a community sewage system or a home that has anything other than a gravity flow septic tank, it is recommended that you investigate the viability of the system by contacting the Wake County Health Department at 919-856-7400.


  • Appraisal ? We recommend prospective buyers obtain the services of a professional appraiser before closing on a home.


  • Mold - Mold can be found anywhere with relative high humidity or where there has been water damage due to leakage or flooding.  Some varieties of mold such as aspergillus and stachybotrys stream are known to produce toxins under some circumstances.  Mold contaminants may exist in the Property of which the Broker or Agent is unaware.  We recommend you contact a qualified inspector or certified Industrial Hygienist if you have a concern or indication of the presence of mold.  The only way to determine if a mold like substance is truly mold or is present at high levels is through sample collecting and analytical testing.


  • Building Codes ? When a question arises about building codes, the authority is the Engineering Division, NC Department of Insurance. Ask for a Code Consultant in the area you have a question about, e.g., building, electrical, plumbing, and heating, 919-661-5880 or


  • School Attendance Assignments ? Wake County?s school attendance plan is in a constant state of change. If this is important to you we strongly recommend that you verify the school assignment for any home you might be interested in before making an offer. You may do that by calling Wake County Schools at 919-850-1921 or  visit their website at


  • Survey or Termite ? Some lenders do not require a survey or termite inspection depending upon the type of financing a buyer obtains.  We recommend you have a survey and termite inspection before the expiration of your Due Diligence Date.


  • Homeowners Associations/Restrictive Covenants ? We recommend you inquire about the existence of a Homeowners Association and review any existing or proposed restrictive covenants, regulations, fees and assessments. For information contact: Wake County Register of Deeds 919-856-5460 or


  • High Temperature Plastic Vent Pipes (HTPV) ? Some High Temperature Plastic Vent Pipes on home heating systems, such as gas or propane furnaces or boilers can be dangerous and may be eligible for replacement by a professional.  Some of these pipes have cracked and can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.  They are more likely to be found in homes built since 1994.  For information contact: Corrective Action Program 800-758-3688.  We recommend Buyers have a home inspection that includes addressing this potential hazard.  Web site:


External Influences


  • RDU ? Air Traffic Noise Abatement Area ? The Raleigh Durham Airport Authority has designated certain bands or areas that are subject to air traffic noise as Noise Abatement Areas and requires homeowners to disclose they are within that designated area. It is up to the prospective purchaser to determine how that may or may not affect their decision to purchase a particular home.  For information call: Raleigh Durham Airport Authority: 919-840-2100 ext. 225 or for information and a map visit


  • Vacant Land in Close Proximity ? We recommend prospective buyers inquire as to the zoning ordinances and possible land use development of adjacent or nearby property. For information call: 919-890-3455 or


  • Outer Loop/Highway Development - We recommend you contact a qualified source for information on potential and proposed highway improvements or construction to determine the possible impact on the property you wish to purchase.  For Department of Transportation information call: 919-250-4016, web site:  For information on the Southeast Extension of 540 visit


                                                 Planning Departments:  Wake County          919-856-6310

                                                                                            Raleigh                      919-890-3125

                                                                                            Cary                           919-469-4082

                                                                                            Durham County      919-560-4137

                                                                                            Orange County        919-245-2575                                                                 




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  • Railroad Service/Tracks ? We recommend investigating the proximity of the property you wish purchase to any railroad tracks. For information on related train schedules call:  800-872-7245; Norfolk Southern - 919-831-3056 or 919-831-3049; CSX - 919-851-0802.  Web site: or


  • Municipal Solid Waste Facilities (Formerly called Sanitary Land Fills). Wake County?s operating Municipal Solid Waste Facility located on Durant Road between Falls of Neuse and Capital Blvd has closed.  The South Wake Landfill is at Main Street and NC 55 in Holly Springs.  For additional information contact:  Wake County Solid Waste Management at 919-856-6168 or


  • Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant ? Located in Southern Wake County. If the proximity of the Nuclear Power Plant is important to you, we suggest you inquire about its location in relationship to the home you wish to purchase and obtain additional information from: Harris Visitors Center ? 919-362-3261 or


Note:  Some of the information presented in this disclosure applies to houses anywhere in the region. Other information is specific to Wake County.  Each surrounding county has similar agencies, which will assist you.