Inspection & Services Disclosure

Weichert, Realtors - Triangle Homes recommends all prospective purchasers obtain the services of professionals or licensed contractors to perform applicable inspections in connection with purchasing a home.  It is important that you be aware of and consider certain conditions or issues that may or may not affect the property you wish to purchase, before the expiration of your Due Diligence Date.  It has been our experience that although simply the existence of one or more of these issues is not necessarily negative, buyers want to be informed so they can give these issues further consideration or choose to have further investigations or inspections.  Please indicate you have read and discussed each item with your Realtor by initialing the corresponding line.



Property Specific Items   











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                                        Louisiana Pacific ? 800-245-2722 or

                                        Georgia Pacific ? 404-652-4000 or (Enter ?claims? in the search bar)

                                        Masonite Omni Wood ? 800-256-6990 or

                                        Masonite Hardboard ? 800-330-2772 or












External Influences





                                                 Planning Departments:  Wake County          919-856-6310

                                                                                            Raleigh                      919-890-3125

                                                                                            Cary                           919-469-4082

                                                                                            Durham County      919-560-4137

                                                                                            Orange County        919-245-2575                                                                 




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Note:  Some of the information presented in this disclosure applies to houses anywhere in the region. Other information is specific to Wake County.  Each surrounding county has similar agencies, which will assist you.